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  • 29th October
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  • 25th October
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Im now confident that there won’t be any more drastic changes to the story so without further ado, Im posting more info about the characters in my upcoming Visual novel. ^_^


 Melodie Adams has not always had the best of luck. However, recently things seem to be turning around for her. She’s pretty sure that she is in love with someone and that they feel the same way about her. But just as everything starts to line up, something big happens. A terrible accident leaves her right back at the beginning. Now, with a major hindrance derailing her, will she get back on course? …or find a new path?

Suzie Zeloso:

Suzie Zeloso is Melodie’s bubbly and outgoing best friend. She tries to make whatever situation she’s in a little more interesting. She has a few budgeting problems but she doesn’t let that stop her shopping addiction.

Khris Forte:

Khris Forte is usually boisterous and confident when he’s around. He likes to take charge of every situation and hardly ever quits something he’s started. He lives next door to Melodie and they’ve known each other since they were preschoolers. He’s the star player on the school’s soccer team.

Stephen Ballad:

Stephen Ballad is cool, level headed and sophisticated. He usually can be found reading books at the Library, his favorite kind of literature is poetry. He’s determined to help Melodie get through her dilemma.

Mystery character:

He has a hidden storyline. To find out about him you have to do some exploring in the game on your own.

  • 20th October
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otome game….


who is an expert at otome games? LOL. SO, I want to download a free otome game, not a free trial, but a free otome game into my laptop so I can play it sometimes. does anyone know a few and their links? does it also take a lot of capacity in your computer? can it make your computer slow? thanks~ PM ME OR REPLY I GUESS

Im not an expert or anything, lol. But i do have a list of free favorite games on my website:

Also check out this tumblr:

They have an even bigger list, it includes phone games too.

Hope that helps ^_^

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  • 5th October
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January 1st 2014 is the deadline for my game “Memento Dears”. I’d like to have everything done and released by then, which means its crunch time right about now…

Deadlines are terrible, but I feel like I have to do one now.
The reason for all of this is because Im starting school in January, my free time will very likely dry up. My current goal is to complete this game before January, otherwise production will come to a complete halt. Which is not wanted… :<
Im currently trying to estimate how much longer this will take to get done, its seeming more and more unpredictable. I will have to cut some content, save it for a possible sequel?? I don’t know yet, all of that depends on how this first game goes.
Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, Ive attached a screenshot of the start menu that Im working on.

  • 13th September
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List of some of my favorite otome games, both downloadable and online.
Recently I redesigned my website. Im gonna feature news and anything related to my own games on the home page (currently devoid of content, because im still working on it, LOL) and I moved the free game collection to a page called portal. Enjoy!

List of some of my favorite otome games, both downloadable and online.

Recently I redesigned my website. Im gonna feature news and anything related to my own games on the home page (currently devoid of content, because im still working on it, LOL) and I moved the free game collection to a page called portal. Enjoy!

  • 28th August
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New, New Plan

So a while ago I wrote about reworking everything, Im still in limbo today. I couldn’t move forward with production for while because I was conflicted on which platform I wanted to target. It seems like any method used to build the game hinges on that.

I really want to be on mobile devices. Ive just realized its the strongest motivator over anything else, so Ive made it a goal. As a consequence my game will not be compatible with flash anymore…Im going to use a different web format that will be much MUCH easier to transition to mobile devices.

It’ll be interesting to see where this goes.

  • 25th July
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My plan for this game has transformed yet again (-,-) lol, I keep thinking about how to do things ‘differently’. I can’t let go of this concept I have now…
This of course puts many things on delay until I can figure out how to proceed.
Hopefully everything will work out eventually.

  • 12th June
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Working on the programming aspects of my first otome visual novel. Ive chosen ‘Memento Dears’ as the working title. Thats subject to change though…it has already changed several times previously ^^;

Pictured there is the protagonist, her name can be customized (thats the plan anyway…). Ive printed out all of my character sheets because it gets pretty darn confusing referring to an facial expression by number, especially when each character has about 30 (>,<)

  • 2nd June
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Start of Programing

Im starting to put together my game events! I find this part to be the most exciting, I love solving puzzles and building this game is somewhat like a giant puzzle, especially since its my first try at making a visual novel.

So far, Ive decided the game will take place across 2 months time. Im using this years calender to plan what will happen with each day. Originally I scrapped the idea of having a day by day game, but now Im back to it. :\ the idea will definitely stick this time. The game will have a combination of stat raising and story line, its kinda like a date sim basically.

Graphics are coming along ok. I planned to do everything HD (1024x768) All of the art accommodates this resolution for hi-res mobile devices and Im also making an alternate version sized at 800x600 for the web and low-res mobile devices.

Im pretty sure Im going to run into a ton of problems, Lol. Happens every time I try to create something new. 

If I dont run into any major setbacks in my next post I will announce the title and reveal more about the characters :D

  • 1st May
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More Planning

I had to make a mind map for the movement in this game. I completely forgot about needing anything like this. It turned out more complex than I’d originally assumed.

This is a relatively small game too…Im currently adding up how many backgrounds I will need, its about 25 so far.